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7 Signs You Need To Quit Your Job!

Do you ever consider the impact your job has on your life? Your health, relationships and overall happiness?

On average we work 40 hours a week, 50 weeks per year for 40 years over a lifetime. Around 85% of people are either dissatisfied or unhappy at work, 45% of which are actively looking to change careers over the next 2 years.

If you are happy, fulfilled, doing something enjoyable that you are passionate about, great. However, the reality is that most are not. Here are 7 signs that indicate it’s time to leave your job and transition into something purposeful and more fulfilling.

The New Version Of Success..

The word Success is probably one of the most widely used words in Business. Particularly in the Western World. It conjures images of financial and business achievement.

Businessmen and Women wearing Armani suits carrying expensive looking suitcases brimming with what I imagine to be stacks of bundled hundred dollar notes.


Be The Change...

Have you ever heard someone say…”It’s business. It’s work. It’s politics.” I want to know, What does that even mean?

For years these comments confused and perplexed me. Until I realised.

We are a very excusing species. And we do it with everything. At home, at work, in careers, business, and especially in politics. The idea that we have to be a certain way. Ruthless, cunning, lie, work cultures. Why?

It is both an excuse to act in a less than desirable way and a fad. Why does Law have to be stiff, perplexing and written and fashioned in such a way that the average person has no clue about its meaning?


2018...The New You!

Here’s the thing. And please read this carefully! You will not create a New You with the current You Mindset! It’s Impossible!


For some 20 years, I learned everything there was to know about self-development. Seminar after seminar, workshop after workshop, I dutifully studied everything I could absorb. But nothing changed.

And here’s why.

Deep down, I wanted others to change instead.

I wanted my family to love and accept me. I wanted my friends to like me. I wanted my work colleagues to include me in their circles. This was my Current Me Mindset.

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